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Poultry equipment (cage free)

We have some new project. 
Cage-free system EGGoist.
created poultry equipment based on the floor rearing. But unlike floor poultry management, two the most important systems are automated: manure removal system and egg collection. The main feature of new construction is number of floors within the walls of one building. Designers developed house with four floors. Each of it is equipped with all necessary systems for comfortable hens rearing.
This construction allows increasing tenfold the number of birds in the housing with the same parameters.
The poultry equipment is integrated in the house. Building is equipped with ventilation. This forms package system completely ready for efficient cage free egg production.

Support of the 5 FREEDOM criteria
EGGoist concept provides good conditions for hens making them free and healthy.
Hens in EGGoist provided in:
—Freedom from hunger and thirst
—Freedom from discomfort
—Freedom from pain, injury and disease
—Freedom to express normal behavior
—Freedom from fear and distress

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