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Advice from duck hatchers please.

My duck eggs all internally pipped at about the same time, early morning of the 30th of June. By late morning of the 1st of July, all but one had externally piped. I was worried that the one egg would suffocate, being +/- 30 hours since internal pip, so I manually added a small breathing hole. The chick is sounding lively since then, but still has not externally piped. Is it normal for a egg to not externally pip if you manually add a breathing hole? I’m not too worried, as none of the eggs have started zipping yet, and the egg with the breathing hole is sounding strong, but I’m just wondering wether it should have externally piped?

Looking forward to hearing!


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    theres a small chance that he may not be strong enough but only time will tell. theres nothing more you can do yet but may need to help later on
    good luck with your hatching - exciting times
    x Kath
  • Ok, 50 hours have passed since I added the manual breathing hole, and the duck still has not started unzipping. It is the last egg. It is still alive, and making sounds.

    When should I help?
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    its been a while since you posted . Has anything happened yet?
    i think i would be tempted to step in but with caution - keep wetting the shellat every step
     im afraid if they are too weak to hatch properly they may be too weak to survive but its always worth a chance
    keep us updated
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