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Is Solanum nigrum edible for chickens?

I read stuff that solanum nigrum (Black Nightshades) are bad for chickens, since it contains solanine, but is it fine if the chickens eat the berries and not the leaves? I saw my chickens jumping to eat the berries and didn't know if they could so I didn't stop them. I'm trying to prevent them from eating it for now as I read that it could do potential harm to them. Please help, because I'm not always at my home and don't know when the chickens may eat the berries or not. The plants are in a big pot too heavy for me to lift, so I won't be able to get the berries away from them for now. Is it fine for them to only eat the berries (while they are ripe) like it is with tomatoes, where they can eat the tomato itself, but not the leaves. I'm really worried about my chickens, I love them so much. They seem to be doing fine so far, I don't know when they started eating the berries. My one chicken in particular really loves the berries which could be a problem.


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    edited June 2019
     ive always thought that deadly nightshade and its relatives were a big nono for chickens but thinking about it there was one growing in my hedge a few years back and so the only way it got there was by bird droppings so it may be one of those things that cause internal damage if eaten continuously but small amounts are ok
     chickens tend to know what they can and cant eat but having said that mine ate some styroform packing that blew out of the bin with the wind one day
    maybe put wire around the pot to stop them eating too many just incase
  • Thank you so much!
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