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goodbye Gracie

sadly Gracie didnt make it . we lost her this afternoon. she hadnt improved at all from the medication and in the end wasnt able to drink water even. After she passed i checked her and her mouth and throat were full of mucus
feeling really sad and worrying that Buffy may go too. She isnt as sleepy as Gracie was which is giving me a little hope but then i thought Gracie was a strong  bird - never been ill in the nearly 7 years ive had her.


  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    Sorry about Gracie Kath.  Are you certain it's not trichomonas?  Frothy mouth is very typical of this, and there would be yellowish 'growths' in mouth too.  I'm sure you know all this but thought it worth asking...
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    Thanks Helen
    no sign of anything in her mouth apart from the clear mucus. i did question this but Vet is certain its a resp infection and that the mucus came from her lungs Buffy thankfully is on the mend . Gracie had runny poo with hers Buffy hasnt so isnt as rough.
    i spent time on tuesday finding wood pigs and land hoppers which got her eating again and yesterday put her in the greenhouse for a dustbath. shes desperate to get out of the hospital pen today but its too soon -shes not fully recovered and is probably still contageous.
    Meanwhile the three silkies and the two newbies are fighting fit touch wood it stays that way
    with losing Gracie and worrying about Buffy my heart sank when i couldnt find one of the newbies at shutting up time on Tuesday- searched the garden , the three coops , under bushes - no sign so on the off chance she would respond i started calling chook chook and heartd what i thought was a reply under the blackcurrant bushes, came to get my son to help flush her out and when i got back i spotted her - 6ft up my apple tree 8-}
     time to oreder some wood and make higher fencing methinks !
    xx Kath
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    Glad to hear Buffy is on the mend.  

    Did I ever tell the tale of the 3 wyandotte bantams we brought home once?  We had one of those hen houses you can lift the whole lid up; tried to put them in there when we got home and they all bolted out and flew over the 6ft fence into the field behind!  I'll never know how we caught them!
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