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trip to the vet today

had to take Gracie - barred wyandotte - to the vet this morning as she was rattling and panting . perfectly fine yesterday but slow coming out of the coop this morning and rattling very loudly. i couldnt work out  if the noise was caused by her chest or her crop but her crop felt normal so vet decided it was an infection even though her temperature is normal . Shes on tylan and metacam and resting in the hospital pen. ive put a mug of boiling water with garlic in next to the pen as it really helped Krull when he had mycoplasma. Hope ive caught this early and she gets over it
a bit of a coincidence her getting this not long after me getting newbies but i kept them separate for 10 days and they still sleep in a different area and no signs of them being ill . in fact they are eating really well and Ester has come into lay already.
cant decide if i like this new version of the site . maybe im not used to it yet . at least everything seems to be working well and i can still get rid of those pesky spammers
 hope everone is ok out there


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    Buffy has gone down with it now too. No interest in food , just drinking , sleeping and sounding really asthmatic.
    i dont think its myco as their eyes are fine so far
     mr kipling seems ok although obviously missing his 2 best friends. the two silkies seem fine and the two newbies are eating like gannets. they all have tylan in their water too though just incase.
    its awful hearing them and theres no improvement in Gracie yet . cant think what else i can do to help them
    kath xx

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