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undautriundautri Senior Member
edited April 2019 in Poultry Health and Welfare
nice to be back- the site has been down since april 5th .
 i got two newbies on good friday - pol hybrids called emerald blues . never ever heard of them but they are a cross of leghorn and araucana so lay bluish eggs apparently . it looks like they used american araucanas as opposed to british as they are rumpless and some sport whiskers and beards
 ive called one of them Ester as it was nearly Easter when i had her, the other is Pippy as in longstocking as she looks so leggy.
they were flighty at first but eating from my hand by Wednesday and Ester crouches for me whenever she sees me !
 At the moment they are separate but i put Buffy in with them yesterday and she immediately showed them that the little red head pekin is boss! they didnt retaliate but when i put Gracie in with them they didnt like her at all but a few hand claps when they looked like squaring up and they soon settled and ignored her . She didnt show any signs of aggression towards them .A problem i might have though is that Mr Kipling is very timid of them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are afraid of George so it may be a while before i let them free in the garden
Helen - i didnt get ex batts as Mr Kipling already has grannies in his flock and needed some young fillies
 ill integrate them soon and dont expect too much trouble - not like the bloodbaths i had with the 3 bluebelles
how are you all doing ?
Kath x


  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    Hi Kath!

    Never heard of Emerald Blues either, but they sound delightful!

    Had a slight meltdown here this month; after 11 months with no losses, we lost three in quick succession.  They were all expected, and had been doing really well, but then rapid deterioration.  Beatrice (exbat) had a very poorly liver,  Peep (Light Sussex) had a huge tumour attached to her gizzard and fused to her liver, also intestinal cancer,  Maisie (exbat) very poorly liver.

    There is sadly another one in the queue - currently laying internally but doing very well with the odd drain.

    That leaves us with an all time low of four, but they are a happy little flock.  I'm sure I'll be adding 3 new batties this Summer, but I'm in no hurry yet!

    Also thinking of adding a couple more pure breeds at some stage later.  Maybe Welsummers?  Has anyone had them?  Were they very broody?!
  • Thanks for sharing this post. 
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    hi Helen
    sorry for your bad news
     havent had welsummers myself but my sister used to and they were good layers. cant remember her saying any were broody buti hear the cockerels are really handsome ;))
    x Kath

  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    edited May 2019
    I'm sure they are my friend!!  ;)
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