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Wheaton Bantam seems to have feather loss around eyes

My daughter got a young hen/rooster pair at a show in hopes to breed them.  The rooster died this past winter, so the hen has had a lonely winter.   We plan to get back with the breeder in April and try to get another pair.   Our question is about the hen.  She seems to look kind of odd around her eyes and comb.  It's as if the ends of the feathers are gone and the quills are only present.   Looks like little toothpicks sticking out and he eyes have a real noticeable red ring around them.  I think this is normal but maybe more noticeable with no feathers.  Any thoughts?  I could maybe post a picture if I figure out how to do that...thanks in advance, MODAY


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    hi Moday
     there are mites that eat feathers but that wouldnt leave just shafts. What you describe sounds more like blood feathers - the natural regrowth after a moult. Check for parasites anyway especially around the vent area. hope you get some newbies soon
    xx Kath

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