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Crop fluid

My hens crop feels like it has fluid in it
I recently lost a hen who when i picked her up vomited lots of fluid then died very shortly after i love my hens and in need of some info so if anybody can tell me what i am doing wrong i would greatly appreciate it
Thank you in advance


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    hi Cassie
    either your hen has drunk lots of water for some reason or she has sour crop
    can you smell anything from her beak ...if not its probably just water ,if she is otherwise healthy and eating well then shell be fine but if not come back to us
    if it smells of yeast she has a fungal infection if its making her ill then she will need flagyl or nystatin and it would help to feed her yoghurt and put acv in her water
     if it smells really bad she has a bacterial infection and will need antibiotics from the vet , again acv in her water will help
    whatever the cause of the sour crop keep her food soft and easy to digest so no corn
     its possible to purge a crop but it would have to be done very slowly and in small bursts because its very easy for the fluid to accidently enter her airways and kill her. please keep us updated . youre probably not doing anything wrong , just these things happen sometimes and at least youre looking for help

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