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Eyes closed on chicken

Hi all, woke up today to find two of my chickens with eye problems. One has both eyes shut while the other only one.


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    Are they showing any other symptoms ?Any sneezing or runny noses? Mycoplasma is one of several respiratory diseases that affect their eyes.They will need antibiotics if this is the case 
     if they are otherwise well you could try spraying colloidal silver onto their eyelids . one spray twice a day should do it . golden eye ointment is safe for eye infections but if theres and muck, discharge or bubbles in the eyes then they will need antibiotics , preferably tylan
    hope theyre soon better

  • 2 days ago one of my hens was wandering back and forth in front of the gate in a very cold down pour. It was like she was disoriented. I grabbed ber, pulled her through and wrapped a towel around her. Both eyes were closed. My husband says she had been acting weird all day. I put her in small isolation pen I had built and blocked all drafts. Last night I noticed she would kind of open one eye and close it again. There is no drainage from eyes or nostrils and no coughing. She just seems very passive. This is one of our wild hens we have never been able to touch. She is approximately 7 yrs. Any help would be apprieciated.
  • I just checked on hen. Her eyes are both still closed but she is very alert. She's perched on 2x4 I have in there and turning to sounds like she wants to get out. But she can't see
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    ive answered your other post hotshot . hope it helps
    x kath
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