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Insecticides to kill MACROCHELES INSECT

edited December 2018 in Producers and Vets
I'm a farmer having poultry farm with a capacity to rare 20k birds.. now a days i got a problem with this black small insects MACROCHELES, increasing in numbers... I need to control it... What are the methods to control it? And plz refer some insecticides NAMES to kill it..


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    how sure are you that they are mites? macrocheles are preditory mites and have no interest in poultry , living in the soil and eating things such as gnat larvae
    im just wondering if its earth hoppers that you are seeing in your soil - theylive under pots and wood and when disturbed jump like a flea . the good news is that they are not insects but rather related to shrimps and as such are a good source of protein for your poultry.
    hope this helps

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