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Day 5...

Did we ever not have them?...totally one happy family...phew!

It was pretty much like that from their first Sunday morning - a few spats as Elphaba asserted her head hen authority (as well she should) but nothing major - never used my stick!...can't get the new  pecking order in my head yet for Peg, Bet, Kay and Gerry but Elphaba is definitely head hen (Peg is above Gerry but at the time I saw that spat the Bet and Kay weren't out of the coop)

They only took an hour to venture out of the coop (Onion in 2010 took 2 weeks!)

Try to do pictures later!


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    wow that was a quick settling in . glad all went well for you
    what breed are the new ones - did you say they were to be a mix?
    how do you know who is who ?i always struggled to tell the silkies Misty and Bluebell apart until last year when Misty changed sex but the bluebelles all had subtle differences.
    wish i could help you with the pics but its still a mystery to me on here - maybe post on google plus and put a link in?
    catch you later
     Kath xx

  • BonnieBonnie Senior Member
    Can't wait to see photos  :D
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