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Don't kick me to the kerb please...I never forgot you!

Hey any of you lot that remember me!

Looked at the forum after ages and sooooo glad to see it is back to normal without the acres of spam and old friends still helping each other...good to see you back here...

I've had a nightmare few years....as you know Mum died which knocked me terribly...then my partner's brother got diagnosed with Motor Neurone disease, so we spent a lot of time hotfooting it up and down to North Wales before he died a couple of weeks ago.

Anyway, on the hen front, I had two Black Rocks after all my ex-caged died - named them Galinda and Elphaba after the witches in Wicked - Galinda was a lovely bully and an awkward cow who died on my lap on my birthday on 4 Feb (imagine that Sandie!)

So I've had Elphaba on her own since Feb as we wanted to do major renovations to the coop (got any spare wood Kath!)

Anyway - coop renovations done and new rescues ordered for 1 December - free range mixed breeds - although I would prefer ex-caged they are all due for the same destination and I'm glad to rescue them... except Elphaba might not be (I think she's happy being Queen of her coop - not lonely at all...) 

I missed you all and will catch up with all your news later...I promise


  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    Marie....how could the 'Finger of Doom' forget?

    Sounds as though you have really been through the mill. Sorry to hear about partner's brother.....MND is an evil illness.

    I've had a fair number of surgeries and am currently 2 weeks on from my last 'bout' and am recovering from pneumonia.

    Chicken wise....Gordon died yesterday morning (of old age). Peacefully, quietly....much like he lived his life......WHAT am I talking about? His crowing carried about 10 miles.....but always gentle and friendly.

    From an all-time low of 6 birds, I have somehow managed to get to 30 something again....you may remember that when I get to anything over 20 I refuse to count them.

    Be sure to show us pics. of your new girls when they arrive.

  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    hello marie xxxx
     lovely to hear from you . Sorry to hear about your mum and brother in law . youve been having a rough time bless you.
    ive got 6 chooks now - still got the two splash silkies, one of which has changed gender, Gracie the wyandotte, buffy the pekin and zena , the last of the bluebelles . ive added a cockerel - i gave Sally Sioux two eggs last year and one hatched - a black silkie weve called Mr Kipling. he ended up being hand reared as Sally attacked him as he was hatching and gave him a nasty wound on his head which has made his comb lopsided and his beak was crooked for a while . hes fine now though and done a brilliant job of stopping zenas bullying.
     bet you cant wait for your newbies
    xxx Kath
  • BonnieBonnie Senior Member
    Hi Marie

    Snap!  I haven't been on here for ages either.   Sooooo busy with work and renovating the barn conversion we moved into last September.  Despite having a full structural survey done, a lots of 'quirks' have appeared and lots of money disappearing :-(

    I was sorry to hear about your mum and brother in law passing away.  Such a hard time for you.

    What breeds are you getting or don't you know until you turn up to the rescue?

    We inherited 2 hens from the previous home owners as they couldn't take them with them.  They were in a terrible condition.  Very small run tucked away in a corner of the garden where they had no view and their coop's roosting bars were lying on the floor.  Their bedding was old grass cuttings.  So very sad to see.   They were whisked straight out of there and into our girls long run.  They were called Whitey and Bluey, we renamed them Whitecloud and Bluebird - Whitcloud was very nervous and flighty but much better now and Bluebird has a terrible kinked neck and had problems walking.  Sadly she can't walk at all now so we have her indoors as Whitecloud kept beating her up.  She sleeps a lot in between eating and we think she is slowly winding down :-(     Doesn't appear to be in any pain so we'll look after her as long as we can whilst she is like that.  

    We brought with us our last ex-Batt Cookie,  She is an amazing little bird.   We still also have our 2 Gold Laced Brahmas Tess and Sita.   

    We aren't far from the HQ of BHWT - very handy!  So, when we are less busy (is that possible!) we plan on popping down there to get more rescues.  

  • doormousedoormouse Senior Member
    Lovely to hear from you all...

    Sandie - I really hope you can see light at the end of the tunnel with your surgery and that you'll be back to health soon. Sorry to hear about Gordon - he was gorgeous, but had an amazing life with you. 

    Kath - good to hear you've still got some of the same chooks, it's nice to see some familiar names. Funny you should say one of yours has changed gender - Elphaba has started making some very funny noises and, although it sounds more like a bark, I'm sure she's trying to crow sometimes...those newbies will be in for a shock!

    Bonnie - if you've moved near to BHWT HQ, does that mean you moved to Devon?...blimey - sounds fab! Little Bluebird has ended up a very lucky chicken thanks to you - if she is winding down, her final days will be very comfortable.

    So this time next week my newbies should be snoring in their new coop - I will send pics as I will probably need help identifying what they are - I was just told mixed breeds!
    M ~:>
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    Better late than never - I always seem to turn up after you've all gone away again!  Hope you will stick around to compare notes.
  • BonnieBonnie Senior Member
    Marie, yes we're in sunny North Devon!  Okay, today was rather misty and very drippy but sometimes we do get sun  :D
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