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Hen with pus in her mouth

Hello, this is my first time on this site and I need help with one of my older Lt Brahma hens. A month or so ago I noticed Mae Mae was quieter than usual and had developed a sore on the outsside of her beak where it attaches to the skin. The sore looked somewhat swollen but nothing outrageous. Also she had a sewage like smell around her face. I treated it topically and added vet rx to her nares and thought things were fine. Then Mae showed up at the back door apparently seeking more help. I opened her mouth to find a snot like stringy clear yellowish pus nearly filling her beak. I cleaned her beak out and began 1/2cc oral dose of baytril. I gave baytril orally for 3 days and noted she seemed a little better and she went back to the coop resuming her normal activities. But I noted a couple days later she was not eating or drinking much. She is a big hen, always healthy, a dominant bird so her behavior change was extremely subtle. I have since seperated her from the flock. I do not see anything in her mouth other than some stringy yellow mucus and sometimes what looks like water sitting pooled at the back of her throat. She seems to be very thirsty but acts like her throat is sore. If I elevate the waterer she will drink profousely although I question how much is actually getting down. I have started injections of 1/2 cc Tylan 50 and she is stoically holding her own but I question what is really going on and worry about getting her well and keeping the rest of the flock healthy. They free range and hang out in the horse barn every day and we do have a large wild bird population that is a real challenge to fend off but none of the other birds seem to be having a problem. Is this canker, sour crop, respiratory or something else?? Again I do not see anything in her mouth other than mucus and her crop seems to be functioning and poops look normal although diminished due to lack of much appetite. She just picks sparingly and acts like she just doesnt feel good and specifically like a kid that wants to eat and drink but thinks it might not feel very good to do so and so just doesnt. What should I do next?


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
     this is possibly a yeast infection and you will need nizoral to treat it. Sometimes the infection is too low down in the throat for you to see.I would also put apple cider vinegar in everyones water for a few days.
     keep us updated

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