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Is my miniature Silkie sick?

I have two you miniature silkies one is grey and one is gold the gold one had always had a bit of a twitch but recently I’ve noticed that her head was getting a lot more twitchy when she goes to preen her self her head just kinda twitches from side to side and she would just be standing there an her near would flop to the side. When I picked her up her head just went completely limp. And when I put her back on the ground she fell forwards instead of landing on her feet.The other one is perfectly fine but she might be sick? I would like to know just in case it might be serious.


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
     this may be signs of a vitamin deficiency which you can rectify by giving a vitamin supplement
    you can use drops intended for human babies if you cant get hold of poultry vitamin drops or cage bird drops
    if she gets more clumsy or starts stargazing then best take her to a vet
    hope shes soon better
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