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Damaged duck eggs

We have free roaming fowls. Our ducks are nesting. We found a duck egg outside the pen broken open with a duckling inside.we put it in our incubator to see if it will live. Do duck destroy their eggs if duckling is sick? It was a good foot outside the pen why push it that far?


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    some times a broody will kick out any non viable eggs but its unusual for them to do it if theres a live chick inside
    has something taken the egg do you think
    depending on what stage the duckling is at its now prone to bacterial infections so unlikely to survive - if its close to hatching you may get lucky though
    let us know how it goes
     x kath
  • I think something may be stealing the eggs an just dropped it. We have had eggs just disappear out of the nest. The duck didn't survive.
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    sorry to hearthis but thanks for letting us know
    do you think it could be rats? they are well known for stealing eggs andwill take a duckling or chick if they get a chance
    good luck with the rest of the eggs

  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
     I'm sorry to hear what happened.
     Ravens will take  eggs, too. (They regularly go into my coop and steal the eggs if I'm not quick enough. They've even stolen the rubber eggs.......I hope that got serious indigestion)

  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    lol Sandie did they bounce when they tried to land ?
  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    They deserved to, Kath!
    Today has been the first time I've had eggs from the coop for a while. It seems that the ravens only egg steal when they have chicks to feed.
    Any more chickens yet, Kath? (note the YET in the question)

  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    no more chickens yet Sandie
    ive only just integrated xena....after i lost Sally Sioux she started escaping into the garden with the rest and after being severely told off and put in her place by Mr Kipling she doesnt bully the little ones any more and even sleeps in with the two silkies
    i think ill just enjoy the peacefor a while
    how did you get on with your hatching this year?
    x kath
  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    Sounds like you have integration, Kath.
    My 'big chicks' are now just under 3 months old and are thriving (not allowed out unless I'm around as they are still 'buzzards size'. Two smaller chicks (3-4 weeks old) still with mum and 2 broodies with a couple of eggs each, so plenty new ones.

    Any news on the ducklings, hallslittleacre?

  • I think something may be stealing the eggs an just dropped it. We have had eggs just disappear out of the nest. The duck didn't survive.

    - I had just the same experience
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