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Resipatory Disease (CRD) Or (CCRD)

Hello To All, This Is My First Post,
I Am A Small Scale Broiler Chicken Farmer,
Thankfully I Have Learnt A Lot From Senior Farmers Almost All, Expect One Disease,
I Mean To Say Resipatory Disease, This Disease Has Ruined My Poultry Farming Business, I Have Tried Antibiotics, Herbal Medicines But Nothing Happened, It Comes In Every Fock, After Almost The Start Of The 3rd Week Till Slaughter, Your Helping Response Will Surely Increase My Interest In Poultry Farming, I Would Be Very Thankful, And Finally Sorry For My Poor English, High Hope You Will Understand.......


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    hello and welcome
     you need to increase your bio security - full and thorough cleaning between flocks sometimes the disease lies dormant in the chicken until it gets stressed so make their daily lives as stress free as possible
    once one goes down with it then youll need to treat the whole flock with antibiotics to prevent it spreading
    where are you getting the chicks from ? your problem could be coming from there
     in lots of countries vaccines are given to chicks to prevent crd
    hope this helps
  • Thanks A Million For Your Kind Response , Suggest Some Antibiotics.
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
     im not sure whats available in your countryt but if you have tylan it would be the best , closely followed by baytril
    good luck
  • IMG-20180630-WA0003
    Check This Dear.....
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    yes, that looks good
  • Thanks Dear....
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