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Tylan Soluble for sale

Please let me know if this post is not OK and I will remove it.
I'd rather post here where I know that we have responsible chicken lovers on site rather than on ebay.

So basically, I have been to the vets yesterday and received some Tylan for one of my hens that is poorly which was liquid and administed orally and cost me around £4. They then rang me back later to say that the swab they took turned out infected and all my other hens will be affected as well. So they all need antibiotics.
I foolishly asked for some powder instead so I can put it in their water as I don't have time to treat all my hens individually before work for a week. I now have the powder but was also charged £50 for a 100g bottle. The quantity is way more than I will ever need before it's expiry date (or ever...).  So far my vet visit and, the antibiotic and desinfectant have cost me £130 and I am trying to recuperate some money here and also not let the antibiotic go to waste.
I am happy to sell off 4 batches of 20g at £10 each (including postage). The expiry date is 08/19. Please get in touch if you would like to take advantage.
Hope this an OK post.
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