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90% of my fair chickens died overnight?

So I raise a lot of chickens with my family. We at one point nearly 100 chickens on our property abd we never used to have problems but lately there has been a lot of issues with predators. First we lost a few chickens and half of our rabbits to the neighbors dogs sneaking onto our property at night. Then we replaced all the animals they were all healthy abd being taken care of properly and regularly. We also put up fencing to try to keep the dogs out. There has been a mink running around and killing a few animals here and there but last night about 30-40 of our chickens died, I found them this morning. They were all still in their separate cages and there wasn't much blood which is why I'm confused? The mink usually leaves a big mess. I don't know much about other predators that could do that and it seems unlikely that it was a sickness because each breed has a separate section. I don't know, I'm just really stressed about it because we only have two months until the fair. If anyone has any ideas I would love to research more about it.
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