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very confused!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so what else is new?!
 Do you remember late last year Blue one of the splash silkies started growing a comb and a fancy tail and stopped laying soon followed by crowing ? And this year Misty followed suit - big comb, big tail feathers and crowing ?
 THe last week or two i could only hear 2 different crows - one of which was Mr Kipling - i thought he was affecting the crowing until i started finding white eggs in the coop and today Blue is there totally broody
still has a large comb and tail feathers but back to laying and doing what silkie hens do best :)
 the only thing i can think is that she had taken on the role of cockerel as we didnt have one last year
 the usual reason for sex change is cancer of the ovaries but surely she wouldnt still be with us now let alone back to laying . the only other explanation is that shes laying from her right ovary
 any thoughts anyone?
 x kath


  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    I believe he/she is what is known these days as 'gender neutral'  ;)

    Other than that I can be of no assistance whatsoever 
  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    Gender neutral? More like hermaphrodite, I'd say!

    Blue is more confused than any of us by the sound of things.

    Is this odd behaviour a feature of Silkies?

    Whatever, it's intriguing. 

    Are you going to let her/him/it hatch some babies?

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