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I Need Help Urgently On How To Inject 16 Week Old Chooks With Antibiotics!

Heather07Heather07 Senior Member
edited June 2008 in Producers and Vets
Hi Everyone, Could You Help On Where To Inject Antibiotics Into Some Young Chickens?

I Am In Ait Of A Rush So Could Some Of You Help Me In Where The Easiest Place To Inject Antibiotics Into Some Young Chickens Would Be?

If You Could Reply With Pics Or Info That Would Be Graet But If I Dont Get Something Into Them Soon I'm Afraid They Will Die

Please Guys Help ASAP!

Thanks Alot Heather....


  • mendynmmendynm Member
    edited December 2007
    I had a dog attack my cockeral and i had to inject him with antibiotics. My local feed store has been a blessing to me as they were able to tell me what type of antibiotics to use and what gauge needle to use and where. Did your chooks make it? If you still need help please let me know?
  • Heather07Heather07 Senior Member
    edited January 2008
    Sorry I have not been on for ages...Well I had one die but the other two lived to tell the tale. I had a needle but I also had some in a bottle which you put ibnto water, I just really needed to get something into them ASAP.

    But Maimie, my silkie bantam cross didint make it, I had to take her to the vets they tried everytihng but she wernt responding so they put her to sleep.
    Its cost £50 altogeather more than i broguth her for in the first place.

    Never mind poor girl is in chicken heaven now running around with the rest of the chooks up there.

    Thanks for your help though :)

  • cookiescookies Junior Member
    edited June 2008
    It is done between the shoulder blades behind the neck, much the same as doing kittens. Best to use an injector gun for speed and effectiveness.
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