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silly little one

Mr Kipling has really settled into the flock and his best friend, ironically, is Sally Sioux who if you remember chucked him out of the nest mid hatching and badly damaged his head . They go everywhere together and it didnt take him long to follow her into the kitchen every morning for a grape.
 i went out this morning though and Sally was on her own ....heard a noise in the bluebelles run and found Mr Kipling in there going at it hammer and tongs with Zena . Like all young cockerels once the fight started he wouldnt quit and was getting battered by a much taller and heavier hen . Thanks to his early injury his beak used to be crossed but ive managed to file it a bit and now instead of being crossed its lop sided which means he pokes rather than pecks so wasnt hurting her at all
 i brought him indoors to spray his injuries and give him the obligatory grape but when i put him down to go out he wouldnt go....because Buffy my little pekin was there and hes afraid of her :)
 how are everyones girls at the start of the better weather? Hows lambing going ?
 Betsy my little partridge orpington bantam is poory at the mo with internal laying , she goes through it every year but keeps bouncing back and has lost all the swelling and improved her colour already so im hoping all will be well again this year
xx Kath


  • BonnieBonnie Senior Member
    What a great story.  He sounds like a right character!

    Our girls are doing great.  Our 2 Brahmas have come back into lay.   All enioying the sunshine!

  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    he is quite a character ....
    will your brahmas go broody ?
    Sally Sioux is my last broody since the two silkies changed sex and she hasnt come into lay yet
    xx kath
  • BonnieBonnie Senior Member
    One of our brahmas does go broody and it is hard to break her out of it.   It's a shame as they are so cute when broody.  We need a cockrel for our girls :-) 
    The other is fine - so far!
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    Never a dull moment there eh Kath?

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