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Cleaning the Coop for Coccidosis

Hello! I am new to this group, and new to chicken rearing; we "rescued" five hens from my daughter's school in December. The flock at school had been dealing with coccidiosis. We medicated the hens, and they have been very robust since; one of the hens has become vulnerable to it, and is exhibiting symptoms. We want to medicate them again, but have been instructed by our vet friend to make sure that we keep the environment clean. How is the best way, other than removing beds and droppings to do this? How extreme do you have to get, and what applications or cleaning solutions? Please offer any other helpful suggestions or advice as you think will help. Thank yoU!


  • Coccidiosis is actually a killer disease in poultry that you must address as fast as possible, in addressining this disease you must put al hands on deck, the best solution along side medications is to remove the droppings, but u can also fumigate with disinfectants, there are various types of disinfectants.

    There are some you can use while the birds are in the pen and there are others for which you have to remove the birds.

    You will need to spay the whole environment especially corners where the birds stay, likewise you feeders and drinkers can also be disinfected.

    I personally use BIOXIDE  ( active ingredients GLUTARALDEHYDE and ALKYLBENZIDIMETHYL) produced by bio pharmachemie -- here in Nigeria, I advice you ask your veterinary doctor for available options in your environment. 
  • Thank you for sharing your expertise and information! I appreciate your help!
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