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My hen is sad

I just noticed today for the first time that my hen's feet have a pink/light red color to them from between the toes and on up to the leg.  She has always had just flesh colored feet before.  She just went through a trauma today and is sad and depressed because her rooster died last night.  She's just moping around in her pen, doing nothing but sitting under her enclosure in her pen.  She ate a little, pecked around a little but seems pretty depressed.  Is the color in her feet related to her feeling extremely sad?  I will give her a couple of days to see if she will come around but now she is completely alone and I worry that she may need to have companionship to survive.  She has never been alone in her entire life.  I got her from someone who raised her with a flock of hens and put with my rooster who lost his hen.  She and the rooster got along well but now she's completely alone.  I think this is not good for her.  Advice appreciated.


  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    Barndoorfc, sorry to hear about the loss of your rooster. 

    You are probably right. Chickens are social (flock/herd etc) animals and don't do well by themselves. I'm assuming that there are no other signs of disease? Though not officially recognised as 'sentient' by many authorities, those of us who keep chickens know how the loss of a flock member affects the others.

    The dark leg colour may be that her circulation is a bit sluggish as she isn't being active at the moment.

    She needs a companion (or two?).

    In the meantime give her some poultry spice/vitamins etc and give her as much human attention as she likes.

    I hope that you can sort her out.


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