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Can anyone help me identify this

I have 3 Orpington hens. One of the year old hens has this swollen featherless area below her vent. It is about the size of half of a small grapefruit. I googled some key words and am amazed at the number of people whose chickens have this issue, yet there is not one single answer on whether or not anyone knows what this is, if their chickens lived or died, etc. there is even a video on you tube! Other than this strange looking “growth” beneath her vent, my hen seems normal, active, and has a good appetite. She has been laying at least every other day. Her last lay was day before yesterday.. I wish I could find out something about this. It is worrisome. I am attached to her and if she is going to die I would like to try and get myself as emotionally prepared as I can. In the last month I have spent $1000 on my cat and a different hen. I just don’t have the funds to go back to the vet right now. So I will post this and see if I can find out anything about it. The skin is not broken, there are no draining areas. The dark places are poo. She has been wormed and I have cleaned the coop thoroughly and sprayed permethrin. I have a good photo of this area that I took this morning and want to post it but am not unable to upload it here


  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    Sorry to hear that you are having problems. 
    I'm assuming that the vent itself is OK...i.e that she isn't prolapsed (vent prolapses usually are quite red and related to thin young hens who lay large eggs or fat old girls.)
    As she is laying, then 'internal laying' and egg yolk peritonitis are pretty much ruled out.
    Could it just be a fatty lump (lipoma)? or a fat pendulous belly?
    It always seems to me that folk post about problems, but fail to post when the animal improves/recovers/dies so that we can all learn.
    Kath (undautri) has success at posting pics. and she can probably tell you how and add her words of wisdom to this discussion a bit later on.
    Whatever, good luck from me.

  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    edited November 2017
    i use google plus and just post the link on here
    sorry to hear youve got problems with your cat and the chooks
     i would think that as she is active and eating and laying normally then shes probably not in pain
     what does the swollen part feel like? check it after she has laid today to see if it changes ...eggs stay in the shell gland for a while before laying so this could be what youre seeing .?????the fact that the area is bald makes it more noticable
    also, just wondering if its like a hernia where shes had laying problems in the past and had to strain ...once there, any swelling would look worse and sore if its getting rubbed on a roost or 'investigated ' by the others
    or as Sandie suggested it could be fatty tissue - orpingtons are heavy birds
    needless to say , if she does start deteriorating then a vet visit would be best
    hope this resolves itself for you
    keep us posted
     x kath
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