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on pins here

our solitary egg has hatched- with a lot of unneeded help
 i checked on the eggs , couldnt see anything but heard a lot of cheeping , when i turned the egg over  could see that the baby was half out and had blood on its head - i think sally had been helping it get out
i took it in , helped ease the rest of the shell off carefully and gave it a drink
 ive put it back with sally , not knowing whether she was attacking it or trying to help it but had to take a chance and shes let it snuggle under her . ime keeping a close eye/ear on the situation ready to take it away if necessary
 hope theres no lasting damage to the little love
x kath


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    not looking good - went to give sally a grape and the baby was out of the nest and being pecked
    baby now indoors in a cage but not looking good
    x kath
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    good news - baby is coming along lovely its wounds have healed and the swelling gone down and its running around and has started to feed itself
     it was touch and go for a while but i think were getting there
    x kath
  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    Good news, Kath.

    Lucozade syringed in a drop or two at a time seems to work wonders for 'flat' chicks.

    Sorry that you haven't managed to leave your chick with the broody, but I've got 7 still indoors overnight at the moment ...they're too big for the rat cage that they are occupying, but too young to be left out in the sheep shed overnight.


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    thanks Sandie.
    this little one is in a budgie cage on a heat pad snuggled up to a teddy and a fluffy bedsock :)
    i tried in vain to get the silkie to go broody but as shes not even in lay at the mo it didnt work .
    thats interesting about the lucozade - i used the usual honey water and started it off with boiled egg yolk and chick crumb mashed in some honey water .
    its now progressed to feeding itself and drinking unaided and runs to jump inside the bowl when i tap it and yesterday started preening itself so coming along well after such a scarey start ....it bled from a cut on its head for ages but you cant see hardly anything now.
     its meant to be a gold partridge large fowl but looks like a bantam to me - its tiny and black :)
    are your new ones all brahmas?
    x kath
    x kath

  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    Congratulations on becoming a mum again......can you post a pic?

    Honey water is great.....but Lucozade really does 'aid chick recovery', too.

    My chicks are 3 Gold Brahma, 3 black chicks.....Blue Partridge Brahma for a mum and Gordon (Blue Partridge Brahma X Black Naked Neck)...so 3/4 Brahma and one Naked Neck with Gold Partridge colouring and roughly 1/2 the size of the others....maybe a spontaneous bantam as I have never had any banties.

    They are all outside now by day and only come in at night.

    The 'Big 4' hatched by my daughter are looking suspiciously cockerel-like...2 definitely cockerels and the other 2 almost impossible to say from feathers. (Late feathering gene, so still lots of baby down at 10 weeks). However, they are forever scrapping and are developing biggish combs....here we go again...


  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    Ouch that head wound looks nasty...still she's looking fine now. What colour is she supposed to be? I'd say she has to be black.

    I have 6 further eggs on my incubator....and have just discovered that we are going to have an all day power cut next week......so I'll be trying to maintain temp and humidity with a tiny little thermometer and hygrometer, wet tissues warmed on the ancient oil-fired Aga which still ticks over even when the power is out, and turning the eggs by hand.....wish me luck!

  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    he/ she is getting lighter by the day and is meant to be a gold
    partridge ...time will tell as the 4 silkie cocks we had all started off
    greyish and ended up 4 different colours - lavender, blue splash, black
    and white
    i do wish you luck -youre going to have your hands full when they cut off the power
    what breed are the new eggs?
    x kath.x
  • BonnieBonnie Senior Member

    Just quickly popped in to see what is happening.  Kath your chick looks lovely.  Not a good start bless it, but it's in good hands.  Sandy - can't wait to hear about your eggs/chicks....so exciting, I've missed all this news!

    We are nearly ready to move house, hence not being on here very much.  Very stressful.

    Sita, one of our Gold Laced Brahmas is at the vets overnight as she has to have an investigation tomorrow into a growth on her beak.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that it is nothing 'nasty'.  It is not bothering her at all and is not getting any bigger.

    Tess, Sita's sister is doing well.  She is a BIG girl :-)   And Cookie, our remaining ex-batt is wonderful following her implant.  She is all feathered in and looks so very pretty and healthy.  I'm going to take some photos this weekend, weather permitting, with my new camera that OH bought me for my birthday last week.   Can't wait to get back into photography seriously again.

    Take care xxxx

  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    hi Bonnie
    lovely to hear from you
    happy birthday for last week - cant wait to see more pics of your girls . is everything ready for them in the new home?i hope everything turns out ok for Sita and that the other two arent missing her too much
    good luck with the move
    x kath
  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    Good Luck for the house move and for the vet visit,Bonnie. Test out the new camera with some chook pics.

    Strange that silkies all start off black....but then black, 'blue' and white are genetic alternatives, so maybe it takes time for the genes to express.

    I've got a system worked out for the 'power outage' next week...I've got a big plastic tub, a heat pad that retains heat fro up to 8 hours and toy town thermometer and hygrometer. If I place the tub at the warm side of the Aga it manages about 30 degrees plus. With some wet kitchen towel and a lot of luck, I should be able to maintain a decentish temperature and humidity. They'll be on day 10, so they may be OK.....fingers very much crossed.

    The new eggs are Gold and Blue Partridge Brahma......I may be needing a cockerel as I appear to have 3 females from my last hatch. I'll go and take some pics. of my two latest flocklets.

  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    i think ive confused you there Sandie - they dont all start out black but can change colour over the first few weeks dramatically -while other chick breeds are growing in patterned feathers , silkies grow in colours.
    sounds like a plan for the power cut - lets hope it doesnt take all day. we were told once that the electric would be off for several hours for repairs but they did it in 2 hrs .
     i wont know for about 4 months what sex my little one is- have to wait for the crowing /eggs
  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    It's easy to confuse me Kath. So it'll be a little black silkie?

    I'm at 10 weeks with my older chicks, and I'm thinking at least three cockerels now. Much like silkies, if chicks have the slow-feathering gene they retain baby fluff and adult feather patterns don't come in PLUS with Naked Necks there are no hackle feathers.However, the beggars are big-footed, attitude filled, comb-forming , chest-bumping stereotypes.

    My young pen, however, looks like it could be 5 pullets to 2 cockerels as only the tiny one has late-feathering gene.

    I'd post pics. BUT, just remembered this site doesn't let me (probably due to slow internet speed).

    As for our power outage, they're replacing wires and have said 6 hours, probably more....so much fun and games that day.

  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    lol. that sounds about right ....its also meant to be a large fowl but is still really small so i could end up with a black bantam instead of a gold partridge lf.
    your older chicks do sound like cocks unless theyre little divas like georgie was
    so you have 11 new chicks plus 6 more on the way? how many adults do you still have?
  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    I currently have 5 adults....Gordon (aged 7-8), Moel (Blue Partridge Brahma aged about 8), the Brown twins (Brahma X Warren aged about 7) and Marc (Naked Neck aged about 5).....so high time I got others.

    That will be 11 chicks so far and 7 on the incubator (though goodness knows how many will hatch from that lot).

    Nothing wrong with black bantams, Kath, but not 'what it said on the tin'. Hatching eggs cam be any number of things, can't they?


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    5 to 23 thats a big jump !!!!!!!!!!!! i hope theres more pullets to come in the next hatch :)
    xx kath
  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    Internet pretty much died over the last few days....at an 'Openreach' event in our local library even the BT guy who we saw had to confess that they provided a rubbish service with no plans to improve and recommended satellite broadband with a different company.

    So, our power cut went ahead and, unfortunately, the 'hand made' incubator was way too hot and I think it's killed some, if not all, of the embryos.....I have 4  of the 7 still in the incubator, but am not hopeful.

    Sad time here, too. A raptor (I'm thinking buzzard) killed the prettiest and friendliest (large) chick my daughter hatched. We found him with his breast ripped off and abdomen opened, with feathers everywhere. (Not the hallmarks of a fox attack). The other 3 were untouched.

    Meanwhile our dog has a problem with his mouth and has had surgery. As he remains unable to eat, he now has to have CT can in Bristol....I'm hoping the insurance will cover it!

  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    sorry to hear youre having problems . poor chick and poor jared
     im always nervous when i see a buzzard around as buffy is so small (pekin)but the wild birds around here are pretty good at raising the alarm and the jackdaws gang up on raptors
    i hope everything goes well for jared and that hes soon back to normal
     xx kath
  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    It's unusual for buzzards to take chickens around here, and he was quite a size, but I'm still thinking buzzard. The smaller chicks remain on the lawn in front of the house with a sheet of netting over them during the day and sleep in a pen in the sheep shed. I'm a bit reluctant to let them free range after what has happened.

    A pheasant has taken to coming into the sheep shed (for the grain I give to the chickens).

    I haven't yet heard as to when Jared's scan will be, but he remains unable (or unwilling) to try any hard food.In himself, though, he seems really fine....running and playing. I wouldn't be too surprised if the scan doesn't show anything much.

    How's the little black chick and does it have a name?

  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    edited August 2017
    The little chick is 3 weeks today and changing gradually from black to grey . its wing feathers have come in quickly and its intriguing us how much its worked out fot itself ....it had a dustbath yesterday ..ok on a towel on my lap, so not quite right but it had all the pecking and scratching motions down to a t
     no name yet as we cant tell its sex but Merlin, Cupcake and Moira (cos its a moiracle it survived) have all been mentioned
    meanwhile our sex change silkie is still crowing , but only in the morning , and has grown a bigger tail and comb and seems more confident with the other chooks now
    hope the buzzard keeps away for you from now on
    xx kath
  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    I hope the chick is doing well....and hoping it's a Moira. (Name reminds me of Marv. who's broody mum decided no longer to be broody at about day 18. She was the only one to hatch from stone cold eggs placed in the incubator. Marv as in marv ellous that she hatched and could be either Marvin or Marva depending on the sex....proved to be a hen).

    Your silkie sounds very odd......is she still laying?

    Of the eggs I tried to fry during our power outage, two still had embryos (one a mongrel, one a brahma). Candling yesterday I dropped the Brahma egg......crack.....I eventually found some nail varnish and sealed the cracks, but if this chick makes it out into the big, wide world then I will definitely use it for breeding (toughness genes a certainty). Now I really cannot expect anything!

  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    hi Sandie
    the lottle chick is doing well and gradually changing colour but no signs of any gold partridge colours ...yet...
    the silkie, Bluebell - may have to shorten that to Blue - hasnt laid for weeks . i watched it yesterday trying to coax the 2 bluebelles over to it with titbits so its definately thinking like a cockerel
    oh dear that last clutch of eggs seems doomed with you ...hope that brahma makes a miraculous entry into the world - he deserves to
    x kath
  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    Just got up to find Brahma miracle....he's just shot out of his nail varnished egg overnight. No sign of a pip last thing last night and this morning he's cheeping and crashing about in the incubator.

     The mongrel chick has been pipped since yesterday afternoon but hasn't progressed much....I'm hoping he makes it to keep little Leo company . Note I'm saying 'he' as I'm very happy with a cockerel for my new little Brahma ladies.
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    thats brilliant news Sandie - so pleased for you . lets hope the other one comes o.k. as solitary chicks can be soooooooo demanding . this little one is ruling my life :) wanting to be out of its cage all the time .Its too small to spend any time outside yet
     like the name Leo ...still havent named ours although the list of possible names have grown ....naggy knickers , noisebag, little monkey .........................
    x kath
  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    Phew......his pal has hatched, 24 hours after pipping and with a little help, but looking fine.It's so much easier now that I don't have a 'Johnny No Mates'. 

     I'm currently having to look after a demanding, tiny, emaciated little runt of a ram lamb who just has failed to grow. He's known as 'Little Man' and weighs little more than his birth weight, but is getting very spoilt and noisy. At least he's now eating digestives, bread and margarine and layers' pellets(!)....but he is becoming a real attention seeker.

    I have the shed 3 cockerels (was 4), the 7 intermediate chicks who are sleeping in the shed and are being carried to a day pen, and the adults, of course.

    The sheep are needing attention, too. Some of the ram lambs are getting too big for their fleeces and are pestering the ewes. Some have to be readied for sales and there's always worming, vaccinating etc.

    Last, and by no means least, Jared is in the animal hospital 2 and a half hours away and is having surgery to his face and mouth right now.At least the scans didn't show any cancers etc.

    All in all, and with weekend visitors, too, sounds like there are busy times to come.

  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    sounds like your hands are very much full Sandie between the chicks and the lambs , i dont know how you cope!
    good news about Jared , i hope hes soon back to feeling himself poor thing
     are the adult chickens paying much attention to the chicks in the shed or cant they see each other yet ?
     i brought some of my hens in yesterday to see the chick but they just stared and probably wondered what it was doing in a cage . it also failed a chicken test - i found it a worm and it squealed and ran away...think ive got some work to do showing it that its a chicken !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    xx kath

  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    What is it you have ,Kath, some kind of clingy mutant? Tell her she needs to man up....worms are food!

    My adult birds are totally unfazed by the chicks and vice versa. Gordon marches into the sheep shed with his ladies and crows a few times, then the 'shed 3' come over and feed (on the periphery) with the main bunch. Although the shed cockerels are over 4 months old, none have crowed....they know that if they don't challenge Gordon he won't bother them.

    The 7 that were hatched next are now sleeping in a coop next to my main coop. 3 escaped today and hung around the outside. The 3 shed cockerels came over and did nothing much. 

    The 'tiny two' are looking very well in the kitchen.

    Poor Jared looks like he has been in a war zone. His face is very swollen and he is wearing a huge padded collar to stop him messing with the wound. I have 3 types of tablets to give him, but, as he won't take a thing, there's no chance of that today. Also I'm supposed to hold an ice pack on his face for 10 mins....but he won't even let me near it.On the plus side, having refused initially to acknowledge me when I went to collect him, he is now starting to be his usual self and is lying under the chicken pen until they all go into the coop and is 'protecting' me from a shrunken and emaciated ram lamb who is getting 'special treatment' in the shed....he's eating layers pellets and wild bird food plus bread and marg. and digestive biscuits (doing wonders for his weight and energy levels). Jared is making sure that the lamb (Little Man) isn't going to attack me....

    We also have a resident pheasant who has set up home behind the sheep shed and who nips in frequently to take the chicken food.

  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    This little chick is verrrrrrry demanding it just wont shut up when in the cage and the only way we get any peace is if someone has it on their lap
    its still small-nearer the size of a robin than a blackbird-  too small to go outside which is a pain really as Misty, my silkie thats still a hen, is broody at the moment so it would be a good chance to put them together to bond
    poor Jared , bet hes glad to be home though - im so pleased hes over the worst
    what will you do with little man - will you keep him?
    i wonder if that pheasant is an escapee from a local shoot or has he just heard on the grapevine what a soft touch you are :)
    x kath
  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    Heck....false start with Jared....he wouldn't eat or drink anything and had to be admitted to our local vet for drip etcPhone call last night that he'd improved, so I collected him. He'd been a nightmare, snapping, snarling, trying to bite the vet, and had to have his jaws taped to remove the drip. etc.  It was really embarrassing as he is normally really lovely with people. This morning he turned his nose up at food.....so I placed it in the cat dish, and called the cat....it worked...he ate it (plus his antibiotic and painkiller). I'm thinking he is on the mend.

    Sorry to hear about "Little Chick"....does she have a definitive name yet ....Nuisance? Pest? Mouthy? Maybe you silkie needs to come in, too....

    Little Man almost certainly will stay. He's begun to get friendly, and like your chick, demanding, bleating loudly whenever he sees or hears me. So defenceless that he is loveable.

    Fez probably has just found a "Gravy Train", os should that be a "Grainy Trail" and is happily eating all the chicken food....no idea where his original home was.

    My 7 larger chicks found their way out of their run yesterday and free-ranged ever-so-confidently all day. With a little herding they went back into their run before nightfall and even put themselves into the spare pen at dusk.....they got the hang of that quite quickly.

    I'm hoping today will be a little less eventful.

  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    poor Jared , he must have been really scared
    love the trick with the cat dish - typical dog :)
    little chick has got a big voice - i cant wait for it to start clucking instead of squeaking ...little monkey ...when will that happen - i forget
    it sounds like your 7 chicks are settling well outdoors - so nice they have . ill never forget Georgies little face the first night i left her in a coop but at least she had her sister for company
    hope your visitors enjoyed their weekend
     x kath
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