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Drunk Chicken

Hello, I am needing help with my Hens.  The symptoms start the same.  The Hen becomes very wobbly, drunk-like when walking, and becomes inactive.  She will twist her neck around and sometimes upside down.  Overtime, she is not able to feed herself, but will take food and water if fed by hand.  She becomes skinny, mainly from inability to feed.  I have done so much research about mites, worms, fungus.  The hens are about 4 months old and are laying eggs.  If someone has an idea on what it is and how I should treat this I would greatly appreciate the advice!  Many Thanks


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    hi and welcome to the forum
     what you describe sounds like wry neck which is ususlly caused by a vitamin deficiency either in their current feed or in the parent birds - the deficiency is passed on to the chicks and can show up as the chicks develop or grow and is made worse if the hens come into lay too early
    its not an illness and can be treated simply by adding the necessary vitamins to their diet
     you need to guive them vitamin e and selenium to help them absorb it better . if you cant find chicken vitamins then use those intended for human babies
    if using human selennium tablets crush half into their feed
     food rich in vitamin e .........sunflower seeds (also contain selenium) oily fish , broccoli
     it can take a few weeks before they fully recover but they should do eventually
     good luck
    x kath
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    Yes, man, good luck to you. This story is really not so easy!
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