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Rooster Attack HELP..

My Cockerel (red rooster) was attacked about 4 days ago by a fox or hawk, not sure which one.. I found him in the yard with his head hanging dragging the ground. Immediatly washed his wounds and put animal creme with lots of vitamins on the wounds with proxide.I have him laid up feeding and watering throughout the day, giving childrens tylenol. He moves backwards only and cannot lift his head. if im holding his head he can drink and eat.. I think it maybe broke, Is there any hope for him? My fiance doesnt want to put him down just yet, as we have been told that if hes made it the first 24 hrs he should live. We have been keeping a brace on the neck, a human hand brace cut to fit his neck. He doesnt seem to like it, if anyone has any advice on a brace and or if we should keep helping him or have him put down.... HELPP!


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    sorry to have missed this posing how is he now?
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