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ChrisKChrisK Senior Member
edited September 2007 in Market Place
Can anyone recomend a good chicken book? All the ones I have are written about purebreeds and are written for abroad not the UK. I have both purebreeds and hybrids ( wellsomers, sussex, warren, black rock, legbars) and have yet to find a book written that includes both and also for the UK. One that included breeding (on a small scale) both by broody and incubation would be handy too.



  • philodicephilodice Member
    edited September 2007
    www.mypetchicken.com has an excellent online book about chickens. I have also made myself a book out of many of the advice threads in various chicken forums and formatted it for my pocket computer (pda). I have both on my pda so I can read about chicken care anywhere I go if I am trying to remember what to get at the feed store.
    Since these two resources are so much better than what I've seen in other books or magazines, don't waste your money.
    Or buy the chicken health book from mypetchicken.com
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