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goodbye Isabelle

We lost one of the bluebelles last night - really bad infection - she was at her worst when the vet had closed so all i could do was make her comfy and warm and hope the abs would pull her through . she just went to sleep in the hospital pen after eating some grapes and scrambled egg and didnt wake up again.
im really mad that her last few weeks have been in confinement due to the A.I.
xx kath


  • BonnieBonnie Senior Member
    Hi Kath

    I'm so sorry to hear that - bless her. She may have been in confinement, bad I know, but at least she passed away quietly full of lovely food and loved. RIP Isabelle x

    Are your girls all still in confinement?
    How are your other 2 bluebelles? Have they calmed down any or are they still bullying?
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    hi Bonnie
     thank you
     mine are still in lock down until the end of the month and really fed up
     the bluebelles are still horrid to the bantams so theyre still separate . the good news is that they are submissive to Sally Sioux so not getting all their own way .
     how are your lot getting on?
    xx kath
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