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SPAM is spoiling this site ......................

I don't understand why spam is no longer being deleted.  Moderator please explain.

It is starting to spoil this site.

People won't bother coming on here soon :-(


  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    I know Bonnie.  Unfortunately the man who used to be Admin has now left and it seems that no-one really bothers about it now.  
    So - my cunning plan is that I've deleted my tapeworm thread, which was a sticky with 34k views.  That will stop a few hits on the site and maybe make someone sit up and notice.
    Meanwhile - I'm wondering if we should start our own facebook page - what do you all think?

  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    found a post from Al buried in off your chest
    i wonder if their other forums are the same ......
    x kath
  • BonnieBonnie Senior Member
    Hi Kath and Helen

    I got the following reply from James - Administrator.

    I've just been and cleaned a load out. Things have changed in the company and many of the staff that used to moderate this forum are now no longer with the company. I'm still working for them but In a consultancy capacity.
    Is there any regulars on here moderating the spam, I thought some used to?
    I'll try and add some blocking filters to reduce it and attempt to get in to delete if anything gets through.

    So that's good!  What happened to Sandie and her lethal finger?

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