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Affordable poultry software

AncientGardenerAncientGardener Junior Member
edited July 2007 in Market Place
The Poultry keepers Almanac is now only £4.99 to download - thats a much more affordable price for this decent bit of software. Here's what an existing user has said about it:

"I was very impressed with the usefulness of the programme. The good thing is that is was written by a poultryman with the help of other chicken keepers which means that they know from a groundlevel point of view what information is going to be needed and recorded. It is easy to use and once you have got your head around how it all fits together very well. Love also the fact that you can put your own stamp on the programme by being able to use photographs of your own birds. That alone makes this programme stand out from the usual! - SQ. Norfolk"
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