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I need HELP pleaseee!

Hello there! I hope you're having a great weekend. I have a few questions that I would really appreciate any help with. Is is okay to place a new group of layers with a preciously established group, if they are all in battery cages? My parents have a poultry with 2500 layers with 1000 of them already laying and 1500 of them are still 8 weeks old. All the birds are housed in the building but in different partitions. One of the issues is that, the 1000 previously suffered from a New Castle outbreak but that has been controlled and they do not have the symptoms anymore and mortality rate is low. The concern is whether adding the new birds to the old ones that had New Castle in the past, will affect the new birds. I would really appreciate you advice. Thank you so much for you hep and time.


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    hi and welcome to the forum
    i wouldnt take the risk if i was your mum as the ones that have been exposed are now probably immune so you could still have the virus there without knowing ...your younger birds will not be immune , unless they had vaccinations as chicks
    the usual way to go after an outbreak of any disease is to have a complete clean out before introducing new chickens - i dont think a partition would be enough protection as newcastle can suvive for months in buildings unless they are thoroughly disinfected
    battery cages have now been banned in many countries as they are cruel and if your chickens had been free range then they probably would not have succumbed to this disease as the virus is killed by sunlight .
    hope this helps
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