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Chief vet acknowledges pet poultry keepers in this video.

solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
edited January 2017 in Poultry Health and Welfare
At last the government has now cottoned on to the fact that there are a lot of concerned people who have poultry as pets, and made this video.
My only criticism is that it is a cop-out to say speak to your vet, when most vets do not have a clue about chickens.  They do need to go one step further and make it clear that you need to find a farm/large animal/hen friendly vet, and set out procedures.  For example:- vets wouldn't want you turning up at their surgery with an infected hen, yet the cost of a call out would be beyond a lot of chicken owners budgets.

So - well done Nigel Gibbens, but give us clearer guidelines re the above please!

Here's the link; scroll down half a page:



  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    thanks for the link helen
    im more concerned with bumble foot than parasites so have been checking feet regularly. Good job too as Buffy had some mud balls starting so i found them in plenty of time .
    im using stalosan f inside the run and coops and a generous sprinkling by the doors
    i notced on one of my facebook groups that someone with an ex batt was refused treatment incase the chicken had bird flu and infected the pets of other customers . the chicken in question had been kept indoors and had all the symptoms of eyp and later died .
     good advice would be to join a poultry group / forum at least you get free anf friendly advice there but here i am preaching to the converted !
    xx kath
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