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Sick Hen

Hi, I have a poorly ex batt.  She falls over when trying to jump, but can get back up.  Is eating and drinking well.  Hunched up and standing alone from the rest of the flock.  Nothing obvious to see.  Walks ok.  Thanks for any advice. I have brought her indoors at present. 


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    sorry to hear one of your girls is poorly
    good idea to bring her indoors where you can keep an eye on her
     when did she lay last and was the egg normal? ex batts are very prone to laying issues.
    If her stomach is swollen she may have an infection that she would need antibiotics for. 
    Check her breathing and make sure theres no discharge coming from her eyes or nose - this would suggest a respiratory disease that she would need tylan antibiotics for.
    keep in touch and let us know if you notice anything else
    x kath
  • Thank you. No sign of swelling or breathing problems. She is eating and drinking well. Not laid for couple of months since her moult.  Eyes and ears ok. However, I noticed today that she has yellow diarrhoea, and her comb is pale. She tried to get down the step and fell over but was able to get up again. I
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    hi there
    if there are no other symptoms then the yellow poo could be a sign of internal laying so you will need to get her checked out by a vet and to get antibiotics to treat or prevent eyp
    its a good sign that shes still eating and drinking well
    keep us updated
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    Hi Lavender,

    Have you ever wormed her?  Yellow diarrhoea (especially if it's frothy) can be a sign that she has worms.  I would worm her first if only to rule that out.

    Herbal wormers are not usually sufficient; it needs to be Flubenvet, which is a powder you add to their feed for 7 consecutive days.  
    Alternatively you can use an ivermectin based product as a 'spot -on' wormer; there are not any products specifically marketed for hens, but I use Harkers 'Harka-mectin' edectocide (for internal and external pests).  The dose is 2 drops per 500g.  A typical exbat weighs around 2kg, so 8 drops is enough.

    If worms are the issue, then you should expect to see an improvement within about 3 days of starting treatment.  If symptoms persist, then make sure you have a hen friendly vet standing by.
  • This could be internal laying I agree Undautri.

    When a hen is moulting they stop laying and sometimes the hormone for laying goes out of whack, so they loose the rhythm of laying and lay yolk internally. 

    Give her a warm bath in epsom salts, also a dose of calcuim you can crush a Tum up for this and add a bit of water. I always keep Zolcal D to hand its great for a calcuim hit. 

    Keep her warm and make sure she is eating and more so drinking. 

    It could also be Cocci as well.

    I certainly sorry wouldnt worm her if she is ill. Instead and quickly tomorrow contact either Retford poultry or Happy Chicks, or Westgate labs for a worm test kit, and they will send it out quickly. You can have results within a few days, and they test for cocci too, see if she has them first before giving her noxious stuff.  

    I expect also she is confined now and the ground may be more laden with cocci oocysts if birds are used to free ranging. 

    Either way, if you can i would get her to vet. xx
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    Welcome to the forum MrsA!

    Certainly it is good practice to get a WEC done, and worth adding that most local farm (large animal) vets will do this for a lot less.  Mine charges £7.50

    Just so that we don't confuse another new member too much between us, I would like to point out that coccidiosis will cause black tarry poos which are very distinctive, and the hen will be very poorly. 

    Going by the poo colour then yes, egg issues are probable, especially in an exbat, but I find that many owners can forget about the basics (like worming), and therefore
    it is worth pursuing, especially after such a wet Autumn.

    Looking forward to future debates!;)
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