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Not sure about Yorkie...

I got home tonight at 7 sh to put them to bed to find her sitting out freezing in the rain...brought her in...OH got towel...she's alive and very subdued - currently wrapped up in a towel sitting on my lap on the sofa...if it's her time i hope it's comfy and quick...I hate it when they don't go to bed with the others...always a bad sign....sob...MX


  • doormousedoormouse Senior Member
    edited December 2016
    Just carried her to the coop and put her in with the others - she had a cosy night on my lap in front of the fire...hopefully she's that manipulative and that's all she wanted!!!  ~:>
  • doormousedoormouse Senior Member
    She's fine - maybe got caught short by how quickly it gets dark and couldn't find her way to bed...phew!! M
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    Just caught up with your post and relieved to hear that Yorkie's OK.  Is it unusual for her to stay out?
    Don't forget - she's still the most likely contender for beating Nelly Dean's record!
  • doormousedoormouse Senior Member
    I know...Nelly Dean II - I've told her no pressure! eek!!...she's never done that and never shown any signs of illness - that's why I was such a drama queen last night thinking that she was on her last legs (as it has always been in my experience)...hopefully it's just Yorkie being the drama queen...good on her!! Just checked on her this afternoon and she's put herself to bed with the others, so I can go out tonight and not worry about her...she has a while to go to reach Nelly Dean proportions...one and a half/2  years?...is that right?? M ~:>
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    so pleased it was a false alarm - maybe the cold got to her a bit
    xxxx kath
  • doormousedoormouse Senior Member
    4 and a half year rescue date today bless her...looking good ~:> M
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    Really pleased for you (and her) Marie!  So she must be at least 6 years old, possibly nearly 6 1/2?  I just couldn't believe every rescue anniversary that ND reached; had to video every one!  
    Does Yorkie still lay?
  • She's that manipulative and that's all she wanted???
  • Thank a lot!
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