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The Ultimate Guide To International Hug Day

we embrace a person, we strengthen your body by stimulating the production of
hemoglobin, which carries oxygen to the tissues. When they receive oxygen, they
have with it a new energy that allows our body to rejuvenate. 2) Healing
Hugging is part of a genuine healing journey. And 'why it is sometimes called
hug-therapy. Hugs stimulate the body produce beneficial substances that allow
self-healing and self-repair of cells and tissues. Embrace a sick, from the
inner point of view, it gives a small moment of relief. 3) Wellness Hugging is
a reciprocal gesture and free. 

A hug does not cost anything and does not
require much time. It 'a real mutual, beneficial gift for both people hugging
each other, which give warmth and comfort each other. It 'also a positive
gesture of reconciliation. 

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