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Those bleep bleep bluebelles

undautriundautri Senior Member
edited October 2016 in Poultry Health and Welfare
theyve done it again ..... Dean let the chooks out this morning and accidently left the Bluebelles gate open ...i went out because Sally sioux was being noisy and found the two of the Bluebelles in the main run both attacking Georgie . Poor thing was lifeless, just lying down , eyes shut and panting
shes getting better since i fetched her into the house and is now standing but still in a bit of a daze bless her. She showed no interest in grapes but has eaten some cooked ham and a few mealworms and has stopped panting .
what i dont understand is why the bluebelles continue to attack when their victim submits or runs away
 i ve just (last week) started to study an online course in chicken behavioue and welfare so im hoping to get some answers from that thatll help ...all i can think at the moment is that before i had them they were kept in a tiny coop for their size with rats getting in so maybe they have learned the aggression from that experience
good vibes needed for Georgie pleaseeeeeeeeeee
xx Kath


  • doormousedoormouse Senior Member
    Virtual ham and mealworms coming from Bedfordshire...and grapes when she's up for it poor love...I will be interested in what you find out about chicken behaviour...my Galinda is a big black rock bully who pecks at feathers all day...she is the gentlest one at eating out of my hand though! And she was a rescue from an organic farm so was never cooped up (I have mine in an enclosed run but there's only 3 of them and the run is 25 x 10 ft so she can't feel hemmed in can she?)...Georgie will be fine will all the TLC she'll be getting - hope she milks it!! ~:>M
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    Thanks Marie
     shes not herself still today but no worse -when i put
    her out of the hospital pen she just stands there instead of making her
    way outside
     she refused everything i offered her this morning even
    grapes but i got some maggots and emptied them into a bait pot right
    next to her cage and watched her eyes light up with interest ....so
    thats been her main food today
     the tutor on the couse said wed be
    covering pecking later on but did point out one thing - there 3 types of
    pecking - aggression where the bird stretches the head up and swipes
    downwards hard usually onto the head
    then theres vigorous pecking
    where a hen will preen another so roughly that feathers actually come
    out and gentle pecking which is more of a nibbling action on the ends of
    the feathers  both of which are non aggressive even though they are causing damage
    so is Galinda really a  bully ...how is she pecking?
    xx kath  xxx
  • doormousedoormouse Senior Member
    edited October 2016
    Glad Georgie's holding up...That's interesting Kath...I would say definitely the middle one - there's nothing gentle or nibbly about it but it's certainly not aggressively aimed at the head - she rips feathers out of their backs (they have very few tail feathers) and when she gets at a tail feather she can draw blood - I used to just think protein deficiency and chuck mealworms and fishy cat biscuits at her but nothing makes any difference...am glad to consider she's not a bully as she's a gentle chicken with me and really sweet...I just hope she's happy...the others can put up with her (Yorkie just gets bored and Elphaba is wiry enough to keep out of her way!!) Just wary of getting any more batts while she's there as I don't think they'd cope well and, as you know, I just need to throw them all in together and integrate as quick as possible as I don't have any other space!    ~:> M
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