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Breeding Related

Here's a few pics. from yesterday....for no particular reason other than I am up very early The first marks the end of laying for one of my hens...I think it is Hufen who has not laid for a while.

Frankie,Mrs G and Moel 2....

Next Frankie and Moel still wandering free in the sheep shed.Frankie is now 1 month old and is very big, but note that he only has a few permanent wing feathers showing that he has a double dose of the late-feathering gene.

Frankie,Mrs G and Moel 1

Lastly Mrs Grey with two eggs which showed viable embryos a few days back.. I didn't see any real movement on the last time I candled them, but they were filling most of the space, so this may be the cause. She is just happily sitting in a cardboard box in the sheep shed, has regular visits from the rest of the flock, the two cats, the dog and many sparrows. She didn't get up yesterday and I think that was day 18, so there MAY be chicks at the weekend if they are still alive. Note her most uncomfortable way of brooding with her legs splayed out at the sides.

Frankie,Mrs G and Moel 5

She's a huge hen and the perfect broody, but is 9 now, so this may be her Swan Song with regards to babies (or should that be her Chicken Song?)She sits there peacefully and waits to be hand fed and water to be offered to her now she has gone on to 'lock down', but clucks very loudly when I'm offering Moel and Frankie food to make sure she isn't forgotten.



  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    hi Sandie
     i bet Hufen is feeling better now that blob has come away .
    i know ive joked about it but Frankie couldnt look more cockerel if he tried - hes gorgeous and Moel looks the doting mother - its lovely she finally managed to hatch a chick .
    Will you look at mrs grey - picture of a perfect broody ..does she have trouble walking after sitting so awkwardly?
     i managed to find someone local selling brahma bantam eggs but Sally Sioux isnt broody now so i guess ill have to wait til next spring for my new little fella
    xx kath
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    Lovely pics Sandie.  I bet poor Mrs Grey is feeling the heat in there!  Has she got a bumble too?
  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    Mrs Grey can hardly walk when first she gets up from her brooding....strange position! Today she came off her two eggs....maybe she knows something. She is back there again now....still with her legs splayed.

    No,Helen, she just has rubbish from the shed stuck to her foot. It is surprisingly cool in the sheep ahed which has wooden slats as the top half of the wall for ventilation, and is in the shade of late trees. She never pants like the birds outside have been doing whilst lying sprawled out on the bank.

    Kath, it is probably a good idea to wait until spring to have some new chicks now as the weather is bound to go cool soon.

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