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Poorly chicks

At the end of May I purchased 5, day old chicks (leg bar, Orpington and Pekin) that are now 15 weeks old. Sadly over the last 4-6 weeks I have lost two of them to what appears to be a virus and I am worried that the others will also succumb to it. They are in a brand new house, mostly covered and their only (limited) contact has been with my two other bantams who are both healthy. The ones that died went down hill over a 8-12 hour period with no obvious symptoms beforehand. On the day they died they were very lethargic, eyes shut, beaks resting in ground, white diarrhoea, one was chirping quite loudly for a while. There was a three week gap between the first and second bird dying. I have read a lot on the Internet and it sounds much like Gumboro but the incubation period for this says 2-3 days and I can't understand why there was a three week gap. Also whilst there is a lot of scientific info on web about Gumboro it doesn't seem to come up in general forums in the UK. I would appreciate any thoughts on what you think this could be and how you think they may have picked it up. Thanks.


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    sorry to hear of your losses
     id never heard of gumboro but have heard of infectious bursal disease so maybe its known by different names in usa
    the three week gap  and the age of the chooks would make me doubt ibd
    in fact theres a strong possibility that its not a disease at all with it taking so long to spread
     are you up to date with worming and parasite treatment?
     at 3 months they are putting on a lot more weight and also maturing internally so that can sometimes weaken their immune systems
    if the parent birds had any deficiencies then this would be passed on to the chicks who would very likely show signs of weakness around 3 months .
     can i suggest vitamin supplements added to their diet and apple cider vinegar put into their drinking water for a week once a month (dont use in metal containers) ,
    if any more do pass away then maybe think of having a vet do an autopsy ...may be the only way you will find out
     keep us updated
     xx kath

  • Thanks for your reply Kath, it's given me a bit of hope that I might actually be able to do something about it to stop it spreading to the ones I have got left. Looking on the web Gumboro and IBD are the same thing. I have been giving them a vitamin supplement, I haven't wormed them yet as I move them on to new ground every few days and I thought they were a bit young but I can do this and will try the ACV. I have got another poorly hen now out of the same group but she doesn't seem to be going down hill quite so quickly as the first two - she has been looking not right for about two days. She does seem wobbly and a bit disorientated and sometimes looks bright eyed and other times very lethargic. Again she has the same white diarrhoea as the first two and her back end is more mucky today than is was yesterday. Thanks xx
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