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red mites

how do we get rid of them in the house we live in


  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    Oh boy....poor you.

    Having been in the poultry house remove all your clothing and cover with water and shower thoroughly

    To stop them biting....eat lots of garlic and use lavender oil on your skin

    Diatom and flea sprays (for human fleas) can be used if the affected area is small, but a commercial 'pest killer' may be needed if the whole house is affected.

    In winter keeping the heating off will prevent them multiplying, but they survive in poultry houses over the winter.

    Good luck,

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    Red mites are the most common parasite and they affect poultry and that too especially to chickens. There are several ways for removing and preventing your house from red mites. One should hide all the possible places where red mites can hide. Cleanliness is also very important to get red mites away. There are professionals like Exterminator Fairfield CT, Exterminator New Haven County CT, Exterminator Naugatuck CT, Exterminator Newtown CT to help one get rid of red mites from their house. If one does not want to take the help of some professional they can try some chemicals which they can find by looking online, that will help them solve their problem.
  • Diamataeous Earth (food grade) is great for killing mites. Think of it like microscopic razor blades... they walk thru the powder and cuts open their exoskeletons.
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