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Mareks and immune system boosters

RobinBRobinB Junior Member
edited September 2016 in Poultry Health and Welfare
I've recently found out that I have Mareks in my flock. I've lost 4 chickens over the past few months, about 1 a month. The last one I sent off for a necropsy and it came back as Mareks. All of this flock was hatched in March, April, and June. I now have another presenting as ocular. I'd like to try to boost their immune systems to see if that will helpthem have a better chance at surviving this. I realize that they will be carriers for life and I also understand the consequences with that. I'm looking for supplements that are easy to find and dosages. Thanks.


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    edited September 2016
    sorry to hear your sad news
     unfortunately mareks symptoms dont show up until its too late so youve no way of knowing which if any of your remaining ones have the disease
    there are vaccines against mareks but they have to be given to chicks so no good for yours
    although no tests or research has been done, many swear that St Johns Wort can cure the disease...worth a try - its cheap and easily available in health stores and online ...even if it doesnt cure them it is a good painkiller  aka hypericum
    supplement their diet with multivitamins and make sure you are up to date with parasite prevention
    good luck
    xx kath
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