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got my figures in a twist again!

i dont know why but i dont seem very good at ordering the right amount of things ...remember the wood 8-}
decided it was time to renew the tarp around the chicken runs
...measured 18ft across the back plus i needed 2 sides at 8ft =16ft
=18ft+16ft=34ft...used a converter to work out that i needed 10m  at 6
ft tall = 2m ...so i ordered a tarp 4x5m and cut it in half .....put it
up today and i was 5ft short 8-}

so what to do ...order another
small tarp just for the side or use a shower curtain that i had in my
shed that was bought 20 years ago but never used as i haven't got around
to getting a shower ........,.
do you think itll keep the rats and foxes away ?



  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    Most definitely Kath!  Even the blind ones will be scared by the rustling it will make - it must be a bit brittle by now! :-j
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