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Introducing Roosters?

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know how to introduce roosters?  
I have to put Howell with my two others that go to my East place.  Howell doesn't have feet so he wont be able to roost or get up into the trees, so that worries me a lot about his safety over there. (My rooster do NOT stay over there.  I take them over in the morning and back in the evening.)  Any advise will be very much appreciated! 
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  • undautriundautri Senior Member
     it all depends on the individual roosters concerned - some will just get on with each other and do their own thing, others will feel the need to fight to the death
    sounds like the 2 older cocks get on ok so thats a good sign and hopefully they will realize that Howell is a youngster and not a threat to them
    best make sure youre around to supervise for a while as with roosters if a fight should start then it might not end well for Howell
     good luck xx kath
  • Thank you Kath!

    I actually decided that putting them with the other rooster at the East place was just to dangerous, because they wouldn't be able to fly up into the trees to escape predators if there were to be any.  So they are living the lone rooster life in my dog pen Lol and go into my club house at night. :)  I think i have it figured out pretty well.  I do think my roosters would get along pretty well, but because the two don't have feet, it just wont work. 

    On a different subject my Red rooster that I thought was a hen needs a new name.  I just cant keep going on calling him Ginger ya know. Lol  Here is a picture of him.  

    Animal Guardian, 
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    you sound pretty organised there !
    so its not ginger rogers but fred (astaire)
    xx kath
  • That is a very clever name Kath XD But I think his name will be Skipper... it seems to fit, because he does skip a little when he runs. Lol Idk

    Animal, Guardian

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