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Problem of Ammonia

I have a few questions regarding the problem of Ammonia in Poultry farming, particularly broilers however welcome all comments.  

Firstly, I am asking as market research as I am currently involved in the development of a product based on Zeolite that can be used to reduce the levels of ammonia. 

1. Are you aware of the problem of ammonia in Poultry Farming?

2. If so, what is it about the ammonia that you find a problem? i.e. is it solely the odour? or are you concerned on its impact on the development of the chicken?

3. Do you use any products currently that combat the problem of ammonia? If yes, would you mind stating which ones? 

4. What price range for such products would you be expecting to pay?

5. Have you heard of zeolite and its applicability in poultry farming/housing? 

6. Would you be interested in a zeolite based product?

If you do not want to answer questions, but have any comments please do submit them. I am curious to hear all comments and thoughts regarding the problem of ammonia and solutions that you may use. 

Also if you could tell me your location or wouldn't mind having a chat with me personally- it would be greatly appreciated!

Many Thanks!!


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