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White Leghorn walking like a penquin

I have a 5 year old white leghorn that was a great layer.  She stopped laying and has a dropped lower abdomen.  From what I have read, it sounds like it could be caused by yolks missing the funnel and falling into the abdomen.  I have read that you can drain this condition using a syringe.  I know that doing this can be dangerous but I had another girl die last year with the same conditions. I would rather try something then have to put her down. Any input?


  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    Hi there, I've just lost another exbat to this condition myself and it is very sad.

    Usually with the penguin stance the yolks and other egg matter is solid and therefore will not drain.  The best way to be sure is to try to syringe a sample from her abdomen.  If there is fluid, then a drain may help her for a little while.
    However - as I've said this stance is almost certain to be solid matter, and the only course of action is to leave her to it, since most hens with this condition will carry on as normally as they can until the end.  If she appears to be suffering towards the end then be prepared to have her put to sleep or do it yourself if you are able.  

    In theory a vet could remove all the egg matter from her oviduct and/or abdomen, but this would be a costly procedure, since it would also be advisable to give her a 'hennie hysterectomy' to prevent it happening again.

    Hope I've been helpful.  I presume you've read my thread re 'how to drain a hen'?

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