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HOT Coop

Hello everyone! 

I have a huge problem with my coop turning into an oven in the summer months and it seems like nothing I do helps cool it down!  I have one large vent in the side of my coop that now has a fan that points outside in the day and inside at night.  I keep the bedding at a very minimal to keep from trapping heat.  My coop is separated by a plank wall and in that other room I have two windows that I open every morning.  One last thing, my coop walls are made out of wooden planks and we just installed paneling in the inside.  Will this make my coop really hot or does this extra layer keep it cooler???  

Any advice will be very much appreciated by me and my hens! 

P.s. Feel free to ask any questions!!

Animal Guardian, 


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    edited June 2016
    any chance of a pic?
    is your coop like a shed or like a hutch? what are the doors like?
    my three coops are like large rabbit hutches and each have one solid door and one weld mesh .any chance you can take out one of the windows and put weld mesh there instead so air is getting in constantly but your chickens are still safe from predators....easy to cover in winter months or keep the windows open permanenty and weld mesh from inside
    i would think that the paneling you added will create insulation and trap heat inside
    hope this gives you some ideas
    x kath
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    Can the whole thing be moved into a shady spot?  Mine is against a north facing wall and only gets the sun in the evening.
  • Animal GuardianAnimal Guardian Junior Member
    edited June 2016
    Yes!! I can definitely get you some pictures of my coop!!

    Here they are - (Two different views of the coop from the outside.  The red outline marks where my chickens sleep, eat, and lay eggs.  The blue outline marks the other part were they roam around in) 

    This is the inside of the coop - 

    This is the area where they roam around in (Please excuse the mess) - 

    No... Sadly my coop is cemented to the ground so I can not move it.  My mom and I want to plant a fast growing tree next to it.  Do you guys think that would be a fine idea?  If so what tree would you plant?

    I will get that mesh up as soon as possible!  Would 'chicken wire' be ok to use?

    Animal Guardian, 

  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    Hi Animal Guardian,

    When I click on your first images I get a whole load of pics and stuff.  Don't know if you realise it's all there to see (nothing saucy - don't worry!)  Don't know if you'd want to change any settings?

    As for the tree.  I find that conifers grow quite fast, and provide the added bonus of a very dry dust bath underneath, even in wet weather.  Check the species though, since some are dwarf, whilst others will grow too big too fast!
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    You've got a brilliant coop there ...im quite jealous
    a tree wouldn't make that much difference apart from providing shade for the chooks
    if i  was you id staple wire mesh (chicken wire is ok as long as the holes aren't big enough to let rats in) to the outside window frames - youll be able to let the windows stay open day and night and still be able to close them in winter.
    just wondering if you could replace one of the planks of wood at the top over the door with wire mesh to get better ventilation  or even drill a row of small holes up there to let air in
    xx kath

  • Animal GuardianAnimal Guardian Junior Member
    edited June 2016
    For the pictures i just copied them from my Pinterest board called chickens, so I think you will be able to see my whole board.  Did you need any other pictures of my coop?

    Maybe I will somehow be able to get a conifer tree in a month or two to plant this year yet??  We will see though.

    Here is the first pic again - 

    I am going to work on putting some mesh on the windows today.  Yes I will have to do something like that with the door! thank you! :)  I like my coop to, but I so wish it was twice as big where my hens sleep and lay eggs. (It is so hard to move around in)

    Thank you all!

    Animal Guardian, 
  • LittlechickLittlechick Senior Member
    edited June 2016
    Nice coop... A few things to consider. Hens should not be in a draught so you need to think about how the air moves in the house. Not sure how your panelling is installed, but I would be really (really) concerned about red mite getting behind any double skinned walls on a coop . I have seen some very expensive thatched hen houses for sale and I can't understand how they can be good if you get red mite. I guess air should be able to move upwards and out under the eaves (ie the eaves should not be a sealed) or out right at the top under the ridge. My Big House has a vent placed on the vertical wall at t he back just under the apex. It is a hole in the wood with a metal vent over the top of it - doesn't allow rain in but allows heat out.
  • Animal GuardianAnimal Guardian Junior Member
    Thank you for all of your advise!! :)

    I will get on to modifying my coop! 

    Animal Guardian

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