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Not a bad way to go....

My beautiful, big, beskirted momma (aka Humbug) died yesterday, but do you you know what?  I can't be too sad.  

Firstly - she was not a rescue case, but bought as a pullet, so she's had a good life, and as a dual-purpose bird would have been in the oven long ago if she'd gone to most places!

Next - she was 5 years old last month - not bad for a big momma really.

She had hardly any health issues all her life, except for a bit of bumblefoot.

Finally - she was as happy as a hen can be, foraging (all the wrong things - usually to be found under the fatball feeder waiting for titbits!).  

Yesterday morning she laid an egg (making it a round dozen this year!).  

Then yesterday evening she wandered over to the water bowl, had a drink, took a couple more steps and just died the most sudden death you ever did see.

So what's to be sad about?  Although I will miss that lovely gentle giant.....

Here she is foraging the day before she died - she's the biggest one!  



  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    edited May 2016
    Isn't it lovely to be able to celebrate the life, rather than mourn the death, of someone/something?( Though it is possible to do both)  I guess she had a major stroke or heart attack, which must be everyone's favourite way to go. She certainly looks the picture of health ('In the midst of life there is death'). Good on her!

    I have several old ( and big) hens and can't expect them to live much longer. Mrs Grey is 8-9 years old,is a huge Dark Brahma, never has been ill, and is currently laying 4-5 eggs per week( for the last 2-3 weeks)......maybe her swan song. I'll collect her eggs and incubate them, I think, as she must be genetically superior. She has been an intractable broody throughout her life and has never laid eggs for many weeks at a time.

    My semi-feral shed cat is about 15, and the other cat we inherited when we moved here was 21 when she was euthanised.

    My Border Collie is 9 and seems to think he is a puppy.

    Longface, my very elderly ewe is aged about 13-14 and has at least 26 lambs to her name. She is a contented old, retired lady who will come and sit and put her head in your lap if you sit in the field with her.

    Hubby has a cholesterol of 3.3....not on any treatment.

    If any of these die in the near future, they will have had a 'good innings'...so I'll celebrate their lives as much as possible.

    So, live long, live decadently, (not sure if the two co-exist) and die like Humbug.


  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    What a fantastic motto Sandie  :))

    And lucky spouse to have such low cholesterol - maybe it's the water there!
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    aw she was gorgeous and a wonderful life indeed . its still sad as you will miss her
    i love the way Sandie adds hubby to the bottom of her list ;;)
    xx kath
  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    He knows his place, Kath.

    Here's to all our old girls (and boys)

  • LittlechickLittlechick Senior Member
    Well put Sandie! You must have hubby on a good diet...  What a way to go, but how wonderful (though it must have been a shock) for you  to have seen her go... otherwise you may have been left wondering what happened to her. Guess it had to be a heart attack Helen as she had laid an egg bless her. Bit of a shock though.
  • doormousedoormouse Senior Member
    Yes, what a lovely way to go if that's what has to happen...sorry to hear about it though...Sandie what a lovely way to look at things...my partner has a cholesterol of about 2.3 - his doctor says lower than a 'Japanese fisherman'!...must be all the cheese and almonds he eats! :-O M
  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    Marie.....I have a gun you could borrow..... >-)

    Shouldn't have mentioned Mrs G....she has gone broody AGAIN....must be the shock of laying eggs.

    My bottle lambs are all weaned....yippee...even the diminutive LLaila....but she hangs her head through the fence and bleats pathetically,so I feel SO mean. 

    Suddenly I'm only getting 2 eggs a day...the thieving ravens have a nest (A NEST) in one of the horse chestnut trees and the parents are going into the pen to steal eggs for their young.

    Oh, 'What a difference a day makes'..

  • doormousedoormouse Senior Member
    I just read your post to him about the gun...lol!!!

    Being a townie, do ravens not usually build nests then?...oh and get the Digestives out for those poor little bleating lambs...you know you want to!!  :D M
  • sandiesbrahmassandiesbrahmas Super Moderator
    Marie, ravens do build nests.....a huge affair of sticks...... it's just that we have never had one before. I do hope the 'happy couple' don't bring their friend. They are huge, noisy, are stealing the chickens, dog's and cats' food and are 'decorating' everything with bird poo.

    In addition the house sparrows are systematically destroying the nests that the swallows and house martens have built.....so I'm having a bit of a downer on birds (chickens excepted) right now.

    The red kites have a nest on the hill, but the ravens will go for them and their chicks, too.

    The lambs are already biscuit trained, they have digestives in with their lamb pellets (I break them up a bit first). Sheep have a really sweet tooth.


  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    edited June 2016
    Are you sure you don't pre-chew them as well, Mrs Softy!

    I didn't know ravens chanced their luck with red kites!  But then - we don't see either species here.  Sounds like we're lucky! ;) 

    Now off to hand-feed the ladies some home-grown spinach.
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    Im sure great great grandpappy could sort out those ravens for you ...with a long piece of string....unfortunately hes very busy at the moment training a tribe of Pygmies to play basketball ready for the next olympics
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