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Cockerels in residential areas

Hiya, we are hatching eggs for the first time and have 4-5 brahma eggs developing well, although we have s large garden we still have neighbours and I'm starting to worry incase we have a noisy cockerel, I've herd you can put them in a box similar to a cat carrier at night then out after 8 so it doesn't a disturb neighbours as much, has any one tried this or have any advice please .... Just thinking ahead as not due to hatch till 21st X thanks


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    It all depends on your neighbours - i found everyone very positive about my boys and now i havent got any some are saying they are missing them
    trouble is it only takes 1 awkward person to report you or complain and the council have to act
    iis different in different boroughs but here as long as the coop is 20 yards from your neighbours house they cant complain
    i used a rug over the coop at night to keep it dark and it also muffled the crowing. i know people who keep the cocks in a garage or shed at night and others who keep a cat box in the coop to stop the cockerels crowing
    cockerels need to stretch their necks out in order to be able to crow so even putting a false ceiling in your coop may be enough
    a friend of mine was forced to get rid of her cockerel as her next door neighbour reported her and claimed the crowing was giving him a migraine ....a while after shed sold her cockerel he complained again about the constant crowing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
     my last boys were both brahmas and got on quite well together they didnt crow constantly like some banties do and their crow is a bit deeper in tone so doesnt carry as far
    if you do have a complaint just show that you are taking steps to reduce the noise
    i dont understand how people can complain about crowing when every street has its fair share of yapping dogs and noisy traffic
    good luck with the hatching - very exciting ...dont forget to post pics
    xx kath
  • LittlechickLittlechick Senior Member
    edited May 2016
    There is not a right to keep cockerels... there is some legislation from around the second world war that gives the right to keep hens (and rabbits I think), but this did not extend to cockerels as far as I am aware (also does not include housing associations etc where you are specifically banned from keeping hens etc)  So, if you do have them and your neighbours object, I don't think you have any rights and would have to give them up. If you already have hens and they are a bit loud then the noise of a cockerel might push your neighbours over the edge.
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