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Has anyone any experience with the urban coop company round top backyard coop? The idea of the mesh floor in he coop is interesting as it provides ventilation and is cleaner, but I worry it will be hard on their feet...and won't be warm enough in the winter. Any thoughts? I'm a total newbie!


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
     i personally would never use a mesh floor for several reasons -
    feet and toes can get damaged
    poo would inevitably clog it up and could end rusting it
    too easy for insects and flies to get in
     easy for small rodents to get in
     a rat may squeeze inside or bite a foot or toe thats hanging through
    its easier for a fox to get in than a solid floor
    food is bound to get through the mesh and attract vermin underneath - rats eat poop too
     i have solid wooden floors with scraps of lino to line it so a doddle to clean
    hope ive helped ;)
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