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Is it possible to lay an egg AND lay internally?

Okay, so Nancy has been a bit off colour recently in that she is quieter (missing Molly and Lily?) and not laying as often along with some soft shell eggs.

She never lays every day so we weren't too concerned at first but one morning she was very quiet, wouldn't eat or drink and stood in a corner.

We decided to take her to see our lovely vet but before we went she laid a good egg and was as bright as a button again and was eating and drinking again - cancelled visit to vet but he sent us some Optishell to put in drinking water and see how she is after 2 weeks. 

She laid again yesterday but today is quiet again and we noticed her poo was a white (not yellow) blob and very small.  Is it possible for a hen to lay eggs AND have EYP?  We are concerned that she's getting EYP but the egg laying is making us puzzled.  


  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    hi bonnie
    they love to worry us dont they ... i still dont know whos laying lashes with me -had another one yesterday ..the only one not in lay that maybe should be is Gracie but i havent seen her going into the nestbox at all
     can a hen lay and have eyp - i think its unlikely on two counts - first if shes got an infection as bad as eyp then she wont be fit enough to lay and secondly it would take more than an occasional egg yolk to cause eyp
    its a possibility that the odd yolk could fall into the perineum for various reasons but its usually the sheer volume of yolks ending up there that would lead to eyp ...hens can and do reabsorb some yolks that end up in the wrong place with little or no problems
    Helen and Jules will know better from experience but thats my laymans logic for what its worth
     x kath

  • BonnieBonnie Senior Member
    Hi Kath
    Yes, they are little tinkers for worrying us!

    I think we are a little paranoid at the moment after losing both Molly and Lily within a few days of each other. The slightest sneeze or feather out of place and we are worrying.  

    Nancy was in the same rescue as Lily.  Do they miss their 'sisters' I wonder????

    They always seem to do this when it's either a bank holiday or we go away for a night or 2 and leave them with the poor chicken sitter! 

    Nancy seemed better today. She didn't lay yesterday or today but then that's not unusual for her. Her appetite is good again.

    Thanks so much for your comments, I really appreciate them. xx
  • BonnieBonnie Senior Member

    Ps.... we recently put down chipped up Leylandii trees and now we are paranoid that they may be poisonous :-(
  • undautriundautri Senior Member
    nice to hear shes ok today
    yes they do miss comrades when theyve gone ... my lot were all over the place when Krull died .
    as for the leylandii , im allergic to them - cant touch the bark or pines without coming out with a rash ...something to do with them being acidic
    i have however always had one leylandii tree next to my shed and my chooks have come to no harm pecking around the base and clambering all over the branches i cut off
    when people say chooks are allergic to pines its not because they are poisonous but because they give off strong smells that can irritate their respiratory organs in closed areas so no good in a coop but not that bat out in an open air run
    xx kath
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    Bonnie - don't worry about your conifers.  Hens rarely eat things that are not good for them!

    As for your Nancy:  I have never (yet) come across a hen who can lay and have EYP.  I have had hens who lay soft shelled eggs, or shell-less eggs with just a membrane, and I can confirm that these types of eggs are the most likely to cause trouble because they get stuck in the system so easily.  You obviously know when Nancy is past her 'lay by' time, so you will be on the lookout for the telltale signs of low stance (as if trying to poop) and not eating.  This is when Nancy may need your assistance now and then to help clear the egg.

    Incidentally - I have never (yet) found calcium additives to be any use to hens who free-range and have access to a decent feed.  It's just 'one of those things' that seems to go wrong with the infundibulum (shell gland).  Sometimes it is a sign of cancer in the works, but not always.  I have Petal (exbat from last year) at the moment who has always laid a perfect egg with membrane and no shell.  I also have Tinker (older pure breed) with similar problems.  So it's not exclusive to hybrids either.

    Hope this helps a bit!

  • BonnieBonnie Senior Member
    Thanks girls :-)

    Found a perfect egg with no shell this morning so it would appear that Nancy is having problems in that department :-(

    Every time we lose a girl - especially 2 within days of each other - we wonder if it is worth all the heartache and should we stop.  Then we look at the other girls and know exactly why it is worth all the heartache :-)
  • solarbatssolarbats Senior Member
    I know how you feel Bonnie; sometimes they just seem to be queuing up to be next with a problem.
    Then something they do makes you laugh and you remember why you love 'em so much!
    What is the old phrase: "better to have loved and lost..... "

    I'm feeling pretty lucky at the moment, having 3 batties in a row who have won reprieves, however temporarily!  There's always trouble brewing isn't there?

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